The Armegeddon Virus

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Armageddon Virus
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A successful biological attack against the United States is conducted by our country’s long time adversary, Saddam Hussein.  Follow along as the biological weapon is developed and tested. Discover how the strategy is developed and carried out by madmen dedicated to what they believe to be a Jihad, a holy war, against the United States and the world.

One man, Jerry Hotchkins, uncovers the plan and tries to mount the forces of our country to stop a disaster, but he is too late. The virus spins out of control and expands to a worldwide pandemic. Chaos takes over in society. It is up to Jerry to assist the heads of the government to limit the carnage. Jerry Hotchkins must save not only the greatest number of people possible, but also the people on “the list,” the people who will enable society to carry on in its current form. However, “the list” that the government is using ends up saving to many of the wrong people.

Revenge and retaliation outweigh surviving and carrying on. Or do they?  Who may actually be better off in a world that has met Armageddon head on and come out, with what? What happens if society suffers catastrophic losses in population? Find out as the story spans not only the globe but also the different levels of our culture from the powerful heads of the government to the regular working people on the street.  The stories of a wide range of characters cover the spectrum of society from the top to the bottom.  Who will survive?  

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