Beyond the Armageddon Virus

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Armageddon Virus
Beyond Armageddon
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What happens when Melody awakes from her nap in the motor home?  The story continues!

A new world order is created from the ashes of the old.  It will affect all the survivors of "The Armageddon Virus".

The United States finds its remaining population of individuals out for themselves and their own survival...

Can the United States unite its' people behind a common goal?  Has the society we once enjoyed deteriorated too far to recover?  Will the United States maintain its position as the last surviving superpower?  Will Russia and China be able to take advantage of their severely weakened neighbors?  Will the new leaders that possess weapons of mass destruction maintain control of these weapons?  Or will they be tempted to use them?

Perhaps civilization as we once knew it, will just continue to spiral downward toward eventual extinction.  Or perhaps not.  Read Beyond the Armageddon Virus to find out!


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